Welcome to The

Double B Ranch

"What the heck is this website all about?" You might ask...

Well, the Double B Ranch is home to the Beau Bassin Range Riders (BBRR).  We are a small group of local people who share an appreciation of life in the "Old West" as well as an interest in the fast growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. In 2010 we formed a shooting club where we meet at least once a month, when the weather permits us, from May to November at the Cap Pele Gun Range in southeastern New Brunswick, where we hold western style shooting competitions. We are affilliated with the sass logofast growing, and ever popular, organization known as SASS (Single Action Shooting Society), which is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. We have therefore adopted the rules and regulations established by SASS to govern our club and matches, with a few minor adjustments.

riflemanCowboy Action Shooting, or CAS, is a fast growing shooting sport where people of all ages dress up like folks from the 19th century, such as cowboys, gamblers, gunfighters, soldiers, mountainmen, lawmen, bankers, and even sporting ladies to name a few. We compete with each other using firearms, such as were available in the Old West.  Members are expected to create a unique persona with an alias that would be representative of the 19th century Old West.  This could be an actual historical figure, a character from a "B" Western movie or Western TV series, or you could fabricate an original character all of your own.

Watch Video on Introduction to COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING by Grizzly Dave. (Thanks Grizz)

The BBRR host shooting matches (see Club Matches) where individuals shoot stationary and moving targets made of steel or paper with live ammunition (yes, real bullets). We design stages by writing scenarios or stories and building props to help create an old west atmosphere. We then dress up in our costumes and get out our shootin' irons and start the fun. Matches are scored by counting the misses and errors and adding in the elapsed shooting times.
riflesWe shoot mostly replica, Old West firearms based on 19th century designs. We compete against each other individually and sometimes we compete in teams, but it's all for fun!  We hold monthly shooting matches starting in May, and continuing through to November, weather permitting. Our primary goal is SAFETY, but HAVING FUN is a close 2nd. All members/participants are expected to be familiar with the firearms involved, and demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency.  We expect ALL safety rules to be followed ALL the time (see Rules & Guidelines).

Clinics will be available from time to time for new people who are interested in an hands on experience. In the interest of safety we require all shooters to be 14 years of age or more, people under 19 require written premission from a parent or guardian. The dates for the clinics are yet to be determined and there is a modest cost involved (see Getting Started). 

So, if you're looking for one heck of a good time, and you want to meet some friendly folks, come on out and join us.  By the way, we don't actually have a ranch, it's just a nickname we've attached to the shooting range.

And remember, you meet the nicest people at a Cowboy Action Match.  Everyone is welcome.