Our Sponsors

The following businesses have generously donated their time and products to help make our Annual Matches successful events. Please show your appreciation by supporting them in the future.

On behalf of the BBRR, Thank You.

GDEGREEN DIAMOND OUTFITTERS have been our Number One Sponsor since we started our Cowboy Action Club in 2010, and they have been exceptionally generous and supportive ever since! Their contributions and donations have played a major role in making our Annual Invitational Matches a hugh success!

With their help we have been able to regularly organize and host one of the best Cowboy Action Shooting Events in the Maritimes. We are thankful for their continued support.

Please show them your appreciation by stopping by their store, located on 70 Commerce St. in Moncton NB, and see what they have to offer.

And remember, tell them that the BBRR Cowboys sent you.


The BBRR very much appreciates the generous contributions we receive from each of our sponsors. We look forward to their continued support for our upcoming Annual Invitational Match, in August 2017.